Hubei public security administrative service platform has la

     2019-11-13    views
 Wuhan, Oct. 11 ( (wu yili) WeChat scan the two-dimensional code, register and log in with real name, enter the "hubei public security affairs service platform" WeChat public number, and the public can choose the public security administrative services online without leaving their homes.
The public security bureau of hubei province held the launching ceremony of "hubei public security service platform" on November 11. It is understood that this platform will command center, overseas ngos, public security, insourcing, ledge, traffic police, entry and exit, supervision, drug control, the legal system, 11 big airport public security business launching 435 package online government services, through the public security organ and the higher and lower business launching information barriers, collect all kinds of convenient query 18, characteristic application, paragraphs 15 and administrative service item 402; The public can handle 232 items online, and 119 items can be handled only once through pre-trial appointment.
The platform also innovatively launched the application service of "electronic license card package", which can be used for five types of certificates. User has passed the certification of "real man", meet individual resident id card, hu kou book, residence permit, registration, driver's license certificate is lost, damaged or not carry, but through the platform electronic certificates required to be obtained on the spot, can also be used for hubei province hotel, Internet cafes registration, transportation, intelligent community, traffic law enforcement and other aspects.
In addition, the "hubei province public security affairs service platform" active docking diversification demand, different groups around the hot topic in the crowd, launched a "lost and found", "people search" locate and report "illegal", is reported to the "car", "convenient query", "I want to consulting", issued "prove", "moving wall road car" of 33 kinds of features.
"Hubei public security service platform" will continue to improve the construction of applications, constantly upgrade service functions, strive to bring the most convenient and efficient "fingertip police" to the masses.