Li keqiang chaired a meeting of the national energy commissi

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 Beijing, Oct. 11 (xinhua) -- On October 11, li keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, premier of the State Council and director of the national energy commission, chaired a meeting of the national energy commission to study the further implementation of the new energy security strategy, review and pass the implementation opinions on promoting high-quality energy development, and plan the work of keeping warm and ensuring supply this winter and next spring.
Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council and vice director of the national energy commission han zheng attended.
At the meeting, the development and reform commission, the energy administration made a report, the member units of the energy commission made a statement. In recent years, China has made new achievements in energy development, which has played a fundamental role in supporting economic and social development, li said. China is still a developing country. Promoting modernization and ensuring energy supply are long-term strategic tasks. Face depth adjustment on international energy supply and demand, energy new challenges of the new situation, must insist to xi jinping, the new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, to implement the party central committee and the deployment of the state council, promote energy consumption and supply, technology, institutional revolution and international cooperation, with energy, high quality development for the solid guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of economic society.
Based on China's basic national conditions and stage of development, we should diversify energy supply and improve energy security, li said. According to China's coal-based energy resource endowment, we should scientifically plan the layout of coal development, accelerate the construction of coal transmission channels, promote safe and green coal mining, clean and efficient development of coal power generation, and effectively develop and utilize coal bed methane. We will intensify oil and gas exploration and development in China, increase reserves and production, and increase self-sufficiency in oil and gas. We will deepen open, win-win and diversified international oil and gas cooperation. We will enhance oil and gas safety reserves and emergency support capabilities. We will develop renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic power, and raise the level of consumption of clean energy. We will focus on areas of weakness and advance major energy projects.
China is a major energy consumer with great potential for energy conservation, li said. We will vigorously promote energy conservation in key areas such as heavy and chemical industries, transportation, and construction, and raise the energy efficiency of general-purpose equipment. We will increase the proportion of energy and electricity used by terminals, encourage railways to replace oil with electricity, and carry out the transformation of port electricity and airport land electricity. Advocate green lifestyle and consumer culture, promote the application of energy-saving products.
Li pointed out that technological innovation and institutional innovation are important drivers of high-quality energy development. We need to accelerate the development and utilization of key energy technologies and major equipment, explore ways to commercialize advanced energy storage and hydrogen energy, and develop new energy industries, new forms of business and new models based on the Internet. We will deepen market-based reform in the energy sector, relax market access for oil and gas exploration and development, pipelines for oil and gas pipelines, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, gas storage and peak regulation facilities, and power distribution and sale, and encourage all types of private capital to participate actively. Benchmarking international advanced level further reduces the time for enterprises to obtain power. We will promote the establishment of a mechanism in which energy prices are primarily determined by the market. We will improve oversight of the energy market and ensure production safety.
Energy is related to people's well-being, li said. The northern heating season is coming, we should do a good job in heat preservation and supply, from the practical point of view, electricity is electricity, gas is gas, coal is coal. We will coordinate the production, storage, transportation and marketing of fine natural gas, and ensure gas supply through multiple channels. For the new users of coal to gas in key areas in northern China this year, we will ensure that the supply of natural gas is kept at the same level as the supply of natural gas. We will ensure the use of coal for heating in the three northeastern provinces. Take multiple measures to ensure that the people warm winter.
Wang yong, xiao jie, members of the national energy commission and some energy enterprises attended the meeting.