Artificial precipitation will be carried out in 57 counties

     2019-10-12    views
 Fuzhou, Oct. 11 (China news service) Recently, 57 counties (cities) in fujian province have experienced moderate intensity drought due to the low rainfall. Among them, 8 counties (cities) have experienced extreme meteorological drought, which lasts for 50 to 80 days, and some areas are suffering from drought in planting industry and shortage of drinking.
Flood control and meteorological authorities in fujian province met again Wednesday to assess the current drought. According to statistics released by the flood control office of fujian province, from August 1 to October 10, the precipitation in fujian province was 167.3 millimeters, the second lowest in the same period on record.
At present, the continuous drought has caused damage to many crops in fujian. According to the fujian provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs disclosed that pucheng county, jian 'ou city, gloss county, songxi county and other areas of crops affected by the drought significantly.
Meteorological authorities forecast light rain, moderate to heavy rain in some areas, over the next two days in fujian province. Fujian flood control office pointed out that the weather situation is conducive to artificial precipitation operations, all regions must seize the opportunity to actively contact the meteorological department, organize the development of artificial precipitation operations.