South Korea's huacheng serial murder: the suspect was sexual

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October 6, comprehensive report, 33 years ago happened in South Korea gyeonggi province huacheng serial murder, recently announced the case. The 56-year-old suspect, li chunzai, has confessed to 14 crimes, all of which involved sexually assaulting and then killing the victims. When questioned, li chunzai said he was sexually assaulted by his neighbor's sister as a child, which police believe may be the main cause of his distorted sexual views.
South Korean police announced on September 18 that modern DNA technology had found the killer of a 33-year huacheng serial killer, lee chun-choi, who was jailed in busan in 1994 for rape and murder.
File photo: South Korea's huacheng serial murder case after the 7th suspect wanted leaflets. Photo credit: visual China
After several interrogations, li chunzai admitted to 14 crimes, even claiming responsibility for the eighth huacheng murder, which police had previously identified as a copycat crime.
"Huacheng serial killings" occurred between 1986 and 1991, involving 10 cases. The eighth incident, on 16 September 1988, involved a 13-year-old woman surnamed park.
At that time, the police through the scene left evidence and witness description, confirmed the suspect as Yin, and concluded that this is "imitation crime", arrested the suspect the following year, sentenced him to life imprisonment. Yin was released from prison in 2010 after his good behavior in prison.
Li chunzai's confession caused a storm. South Korean media pointed out that if his statement is true, it will not only cast doubt on the investigators who paid the blood and sweat, but also may shake the justice of South Korea's justice system. In an interview in prison in 2003, Yin said he was not a prisoner, according to the joongang daily.
File photo: plot scene of a serial murder in hwaseong, South Korea. Photo credit: visual China
However, some analysts believe that this is just li chunzai's "flaunting mentality" at work -- even if he did not commit a crime, he still attributed it to himself to increase his "achievement" and gain a sense of accomplishment.
And the motives of Li Chunzai also sparked heated debate, the police thought originally, Li Chunzai reason for crime is experienced unpleasant memories in the army, but according to local media reports, recently Li Chunzai to accept the police investigation accounts that his primary school has been neighbor sister sexual assault, so the police speculated that childhood sexual violence is his idea distortion.
Park hyung-min, director of the Korean institute of criminal policy, said that one of the common points of serial sexual assault murderers is that during the process of forming values, sexual concepts were distorted by some events, and these distorted values led suspects to commit sexual assault cases.
At present, criminal analysts continue to collect information and confessions of li chunzai to clarify his motives.