Enthusiastic citizens fight for duty as a flag-bearer. More

     2019-10-01    views
The National Day is approaching, the flags of the streets and alleys are fluttering, the whole city has become the ocean of the national flag, and the festive atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. On September 29, the reporter learned from the 12319 digital urban management hotline that in the past month, many enthusiastic citizens have taken up the duty to protect the standard-bearer. After discovering that the national flag is not standardized, they promptly dialed the hotline to reflect the problem, so that the problem can be solved in the first time. Use the actual action to maintain the dignity of the flag.
When Ms. Zhang visited the Xiaoyuan Garden in Taoyuan North Road, she found that the flag on the roadside road was slightly broken and immediately dialed the 12319 digital urban management hotline. Mr. Wang saw the dust-proof car on the way and hanged on the lamppost. The national flag, quickly dialed the hotline; the public Ms. Li passed the Yingze Bridge, looked up and saw the pole hanging the flag loose, and swayed with the wind, immediately dialed the hotline; Mr. Zhang, who lives in Luohe Road, went out to see a kindergarten. The national flag did not rise to the top of the pole, and the hotline would like to inform the garden to correct it; a citizen drove through the Guzhai section of Binhe West Road and found that the flag pole in the green belt was dumped, and the “Taiyuan Weichengguan” WeChat small program was opened to send a message; Going to the flag of a street-side merchant in Qinxian North Street, the national flag is on the ground, and the national flag is dignified. It is reported through the “Wenliang Swords (Ugly APP)”; the enthusiastic citizens take photos on the government microblog, saying that a clothing store in Shuixiguan Street In the window, there are two small flags inserted into the waist of the plastic model. It is not appropriate to use the national flag in commercial advertisements. The digital city management sent information collectors to verify on-site, and after the legal regulations were notified to the merchants, the other party took the initiative to correct the mistakes; enthusiastic citizens passed the Yingze Bridge and found a national flag falling, picked up and handed it to the nearest Yingzeqiao East traffic police booth, dialed The hotline hopes to help find the owner to claim it.
In the past month, enthusiastic citizens and information collectors have passed the 12319 urban management hotline, government microblog, "Taiyuan micro-city management" WeChat small program and "Wenliangjian hand-painted (ugly APP)", which are reflected to the Taiyuan Digital Urban Management Center through multiple channels. Raising the flag is not a standard issue. As of the morning of September 29, the digital urban management hotline received more than 80 such hotline calls. After receiving the report, the digital urban management platform sent the unit to the responsible unit to correct the standard in the first time.