Longping Rice Museum opened in Changsha, Hunan

     2019-09-27    views
Changsha, September 27th (Fu Jing, Wen Jin) The world's first rice-themed museum, the Longping Rice Museum, was officially opened in Changsha, Hunan on the 27th. "Father of Hybrid Rice", Yuan Longping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Guan Chunyun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the opening ceremony.
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On September 27, Yuan Longping attended the opening ceremony of the Rice Museum. On the same day, the world's first rice-themed museum, the Longping Rice Museum, opened in Changsha. China News Agency reporter Yang Huafeng photo
“Hunan is known as the 'Kyushu Granary', the hometown of fish and rice, and has a long history of rice cultivation.” Yuan Longping said that the first carbonized rice in the world, the Chengtou Mountain and the 80th file, were unearthed in Yuxiyan, Hunan Province. The series of rice farming agricultural archaeological discoveries have rewritten history, laying the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River as the international status of the world's rice farming origin. At the same time, hybrid rice was first successfully researched in Hunan, and a large rice museum in Furong District of Changsha is truly famous. Return.
The Longping Rice Museum is located on the east bank of Liuyang River in Furong District, Changsha, with a total construction area of ​​11,000 square meters. The main building overlooks five golden rice valleys, meaning the Chinese land is full of grain; the hibiscus is considered to be a five-petal bloom. The exhibition area of ​​the museum is nearly 6,000 square meters. It is divided into five different functional areas, such as exhibition area, treasury area, public service area, and technical and administrative space.
The museum's rice-themed "Mixed Rice Wannian - China Rice History and Culture Exhibition" "Singular Journey - Rice Life Exhibition" "Dream Come True - Yuan Longping and Hybrid Rice Display" three basic exhibitions, showcased The production, development and impact of hybrid rice, the long-standing rice culture of the Chinese nation and rice technology.
The exhibition hall uses a variety of methods such as physical objects, pictures, multimedia and scenes to provide education services to the public. The wild rice model, the carbonized rice grains of five or six thousand years ago, the early rice farming tools and many other cultural relics and ring screen theaters with rich historical heritage. High-tech multimedia technologies such as phantom and 360-degree holographic projections are effectively integrated to vividly show the story of a rice growing.
It is reported that the Longping Rice Museum is open to the public free of charge. In addition to the knowledge of rice culture in the exhibition hall, the audience can also conduct outdoor rice field experience activities in the museum cultural park.