"Air Guard of Honor": Accepting the review of the motherland

     2019-09-27    views
Beijing, September 27 (Yu Xiaoquan, Han Mingkun) Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the "Air Guards Team" formed by the Army's 82nd Army, Luhang, will fly over Tiananmen Square for review.
"We used to be the former 38 Group Army Helicopter Brigade." Brigadier Wu Jian said that in recent years, the brigade has continued to strengthen its combat effectiveness, and the high-difficult flight movements such as "floating and hovering", "reversing 8 words hovering" and "level plum blossoms" have become training. Everyday, based on the weapon chain system's guided strikes, multi-machine "quick transposition, round wave attack" and other new tactics, new tactics came into being, let Lu Hang become the ground combat force "heads of the eye, shoulder fire point, low altitude The concept of "protective umbrella" is branded in the hearts of the officers and men.
Fang Haichun, the captain of a long queue and the deputy chief of staff of the brigade, said that the distance between the tips of the rotors is almost "shoulder rubbing". In order to avoid the danger of the two helicopters flying at high speed, the reaction time left to the pilot will be In seconds, this requires the pilot to have strong responsiveness and superb flying skills.
"As an ‘air escort team,’ we have confidence to be neat and steady, not to fly ‘msec’ and fly over Tiananmen Square to accept the motherland and the people’s review.” Wu Jian said.