Trump was impeached and will follow Nixon’s footsteps?

     2019-09-26    views
International aspect
Trump may have really got into trouble.
"He betrayed his inauguration vows, betrayed our national security, and betrayed our fair electoral system." Along with the harsh accusation of US President Trump on Tuesday morning, US House of Representatives Pelosi, the political life of the United States is about to open a new page between the Democratic Congress and the Republican President. The fierce struggle between them is going to develop into the final stage allowed by the US Constitution - impeaching the president.
For a long time, the radicals in the Democratic Party were asking for the impeachment of Trump, but the "steady faction", including Pelosi, believed that rashly trying to impeach could damage the political image of the Democratic Party itself and even completely detonate the United States. Political world. In the long run, Democrats should be cautious in this "final choice."
However, the "Ukrainian file" that was exposed last week has completely changed the judgment of Pelosi and others. The so-called "Ukrainian file" means that inside the US intelligence, whistle-blowers collected Trump’s call materials with the new Ukrainian President Zelensky in July, pointing out that the White House threatened to freeze Uganda’s $391 million assistance and demanded Ukrainian cooperation. Investigate the Democratic candidate, former son of Biden, and help Trump win the upcoming presidential election.
These reports were submitted step by step in accordance with US legal procedures, and were handed over by the National Intelligence Director and the Minister of Justice to the White House. However, after the review, the White House recommended that the Office of the National Intelligence Director not forward the relevant file to Congress. The reason is that the reporter did not directly know the contents of the conversation between Trump and Zelensky. Some of the key information in the report was not obtained by the informant within the scope of his work. Therefore, it does not comply with the law and does not need to be forwarded to Congress. .
However, it is conceivable that since the reporters dare to go through the internal procedures of the government, they will naturally not let the matter "endless" and be highly laminated by the government. Soon, the "Washington Post" exposed the existence of the "Ukrainian file", and the House Judiciary Committee immediately asked the White House to cooperate with the investigation.
Of course, Pelosi knew that it was very difficult to finish the impeachment process. Although the US Constitution has only given the House of Representatives the power to impeach the President's motion, it will take more than two-thirds of the Senate's support to pass. This is basically an unfinished task when the Republican Party controls the Senate.
However, in the end, there is no president in the history of the United States who has actually finished the impeachment process, even if Nixon, who was slammed down by the “Watergate Incident”. In fact, as long as the impeachment process can really expose Trump's ironclad proof of public interest, the Democrats do not need to complete the impeachment, and can cause enormous political damage to the Republican Party.
The gust of wind started at the end of Qingping. Although most Republicans have expressed their support for Trump, this support is not absolutely reliable. In the Senate, the leader of the Democratic Party, Schumer, has proposed a resolution to submit the relevant files to the intelligence committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives. There is no objection to the Republican senators.
This shows that even if there is a party line, members of the US Congress will not completely turn a blind eye to what the President has done because of the election interests. After all, whether it was elections, political achievements, or the degree of division in American politics at the time, compared to Trump, Nixon in 1972 did not give much, but this failed to save his political life.
Currently, the White House has promised to announce all the files on Wednesday. If it is true, Trump may be able to cross the border; if it is unbelievable, the situation may deteriorate rapidly, when he will encounter the most deadly political trouble to date.