Inner Mongolia real estate general registration business wil

     2019-11-03    views
 China news network Hohhot on October 11 (reporter zhang linhu) "By the end of 2019, the time for the general registration of immovable property in all league cities and banner counties (urban areas) in Inner Mongolia will be reduced to 10 working days." Wang jie, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia department of natural resources, said at a news conference on the deepening of reform in Inner Mongolia on Monday.
According to the reporter, Inner Mongolia has implemented "one window acceptance and parallel processing", basically realizing the real estate registration and transaction tax in the whole region, "one window acceptance, unified application requirements, parallel processing in the background, unified publishing time limit, respectively archiving management", which has changed the original situation of the masses running away and submitting materials repeatedly. At present, the real estate registration time across Inner Mongolia from the original 30 days compressed to the general registration within 15 days, mortgage registration within 5 days.
Up to now, a total of 3.1787 million real estate registration certificates (certificates) have been issued in Inner Mongolia, and the unified registration of real estate has achieved remarkable results in protecting property rights, safeguarding transactions and benefiting enterprises.
At the same time, the real estate registration data of Inner Mongolia has realized the real-time networking of four platforms: qixian county, meng city, autonomous region and national level. On this basis, information sharing system has been established with multiple departments to provide real estate registration data service for the management of relevant departments.
"At present, we are actively promoting the information sharing of public security, civil affairs, housing and construction, taxation and other relevant departments with real estate registration agencies, and strive to complete the integration of collected data at the level of Inner Mongolia autonomous region by the end of 2019. At that time, the requirements for enterprises and people to register real estate and related businesses will be further streamlined." Wangjie said. (after)