South Korea and Japan will hold their first bilateral consul

     2019-10-10    views, October 10 South Korea and Japan will hold their first bilateral talks Tuesday on a case filed by the rok against Japan's export restrictions at the world trade organization, South Korea radio international (KBS) reported.
The ministry of industry, trade and industry of the republic of Korea (rok) said it will hold bilateral consultations with Japan in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday, local time. The chief representative of the rok side is ding haiguan, an official at the ministerial level of the ministry of industry and the cooperation officer of the new trade and business order. The Japanese side will also send officials at the ministerial level to attend the meeting.
The south Korean government filed a case with the world trade organization on November 11 against Japan for restricting the export of three kinds of semiconductor materials to South Korea. After filing a case with the wto, the first procedure is for the parties to the dispute to negotiate a settlement within 30 days. If no agreement can be reached within 60 days of the beginning of the negotiations, South Korea can request the establishment of a panel equivalent to the first instance.
According to the report, the rok government pointed out in the invitation for bilateral consultation sent to Japan that Japan's export restrictions to South Korea violated the provisions of the general agreement on tariffs and trade on "prohibition of differential treatment and quantitative restrictions".