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On September 29, the golden hall of the great hall of the people in Beijing was held for the conferment of national MEDALS and titles of honor. Xi jinping, general secretary of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee, President of the People's Republic of China (CPC) and chairman of the central military commission (CMC), conferred MEDALS and delivered an important speech to the recipients of national MEDALS and honorary titles. (xinhua/ju peng
Song yan
What face makes you cry? What kind of power makes your heart surge? Is the face of a hero, is the strength of the national spirit.
"Hero worship will produce hero, to be a hero can be heroes." On September 29, general secretary xi jinping delivered an important speech to the recipients of national MEDALS and honorary titles, calling on them to adhere to and struggle like a British model, and inspiring them to jointly write the grand victory of the People's Republic in the new era.
The highest praise, the most glorious. Yu min, shen jiilan, sun jiadong, li yannian, zhang fuqing, yuan longping, huang xuhua, tu youyou... They are the brightest stars of the republic, the spiritual coordinates of the Chinese nation, and the most worthy ICONS of The Times in the hearts of every Chinese. Learn from heroes, pay tribute to heroes!
Pay tribute to the heroes, they are the founders of new China and dream builders. When the country was destroyed and the nation was in danger, it was their charge in front, break through the gun forest, take the bullet rain, pick up broken mountains and rivers again, build a new Great Wall with flesh and blood; Chronic poverty and backward, is their XiaoYiGanShi, small home, for everybody, condensed the soul of a nation, with a lifelong efforts for carpet of flowers. It is precisely because of the countless heroes and heroines of the Chinese nation who have worked tirelessly, indomitable and dedicated themselves to the development and progress of the country and the well-being of the people that they have created numerous miracles, made indelible contributions and jointly written a magnificent chapter in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
To salute the heroes, we must be strivers and dreamers in the new era. All great achievements are the result of continued efforts, and all great undertakings need to be carried forward in the process of building on past achievements and opening up new prospects. For the future, study in mind hero, admired the hero, the hero, the defending hero at the same time, we should be following in their footsteps, following their mental ray, go running, to pursue dreams, to loyalty, dedication, guileless, achievement the great of ordinary: stick to the ideal faith, for a lifetime, diligently practiced seeks happiness for Chinese people, for the beginner's mind seeks the revival of Chinese nation and the mission; Keep a pure heart, in the party and the people the most need, charge, tenacious struggle, no regrets; To reach the realm of no self, carry forward the success do not have in me, the success must have my lofty spirit, in the ordinary work post selfless work, selfless dedication.
The time pointer points to October 1, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China held a grand meeting. In the well-dressed tiananmen square, when the "march of the torrent of steel" sounded, from the agrarian revolution, the Anti-Japanese War, the war of liberation and since the founding of the People's Republic of China during the period of 100 flags of the army's honor and meritorious service, the "flag team" slowly sailed; When more than 300 young flag-bearers composed of the flag, 21 solemn and beautiful concierge car composed of the "salute square" into view...... Many were in tears.
Meet the prosperous times, how lucky! Think of the source of drinking water, those for today's China blood sacrifice, the heroes, we can not forget a moment, also dare not forget. Serve the national conditions, inherit the heroic ambition. This is the best tribute to the hero.