Shanxi leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion Seven

     2019-10-01    views
On September 29th, the 6th China (Shanxi) Special Agricultural Products Trade Fair held “Shanxi Province Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Boutique Routes and Boutique Attractions Promotion Activities”, aiming to promote leisure agriculture and villages through the promotion and release of boutique attractions and routes. Tourism has promoted the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture in the province and promoted the sound and rapid development of the agricultural and rural economy in our province.
Shanxi's natural and historical glory, landscape and humanity blend. There are not only historical and cultural heritages with unique charms, but also magnificent and magnificent Bianli River, Xiongguan, Maolin Xiushui and a wide variety of nutrient-rich agricultural products. The development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism has unique conditions and foundations. . In recent years, the province has adopted a number of initiatives such as policy guidance, demonstration driving, quality improvement, brand leadership, marketing promotion, etc., creating a good development atmosphere and accelerating the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism. At present, the province has established 11 national demonstration villages for leisure agriculture and rural tourism, and 16 demonstration sites; there are 27 demonstration agriculture counties and 201 demonstration sites in Shanxi Province; and 23 beautiful leisure villages in China. In 2018, the province's leisure agriculture and rural tourism business income was 10.34 billion yuan, receiving 35 million tourists, driving 150,000 farmers to increase employment. Leisure agriculture and rural tourism have increasingly become a new mode of new industry and new business mode of agricultural tourism culture "three in one" and rural integration of the first, second and third generations. In the development of modern agriculture, increasing farmers' income, building a new socialist countryside and building a well-off society in an all-round way Play an increasingly important role.
This activity recommended the route of Taiyuan City, the line centered on Huangcheng Xiangfu of Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, and the route centered on Huafeng Yifeng and Wangjiazui Village in Liquan County, Yangquan City, and flying in Anze County, Linyi City. Seven boutique lines, including the center of Ling Village, the route centered on Jiajiazhuang in Xiangyang City, the leisure agriculture line in Yuci District of Jinzhong City, and the line centered on Zhenxing Village in Shangdang District of Changzhi City. The standard grade, scale and highlights of the line attractions represent the highest level of leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Shanxi. These boutique lines have a different experience, and they have a different kind of nostalgic memory. The organizer hopes to promote the leisure agriculture and rural tourism boutique routes as a positive exploration and try to meet the individualized needs of urban and rural residents to rural leisure vacations, and promote the leisure consumption atmosphere of urban and rural residents, and further create leisure agriculture and rural areas. The good development atmosphere of tourism, enhance the influence and competitiveness of the whole industry, expand the popularity of the boutique scenic spots, provide a good place for the urban and rural residents of our province to see the mountains, see the water, remember to live in the countryside, to achieve strong agricultural, Farmers rich and rural beauty provide new and powerful support.