Daxing Airport Construction Process: The peak time is equiva

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At the peak, it is equivalent to building an 18-storey building every day.
Within ten months, build a complete project. With more than 120 technical teams and more than 40 patents, the construction of the airport terminal has not only reached a high standard, but also achieved intelligence. Recently, Li Jianhua, deputy commander of Beijing Urban Construction Group, unveiled the challenges and innovations in the construction process.
Daxing International Airport was officially opened to traffic yesterday. The shape of the Phoenix wings of Daxing Airport attracted the attention of the world. What tests have the phoenix experienced in the process of spreading its wings?
Recently, the reporter talked to Li Jianhua, deputy commander of Beijing Urban Construction Group, and listened to him about the process of Daxing Airport from scratch in four years. Li Jianhua has participated in the construction of four terminals of Beijing Capital Airport T2, T3, Yemen Airport and Daxing International Airport.
Every day, more than 500 pieces of equipment are fighting day and night in the 100,000 square meters foundation pit, and the night is also brightly lit.
The Beijing News: What did you start to enter the construction site, what kind of scene was it when it arrived?
Li Jianhua: We entered the market at the end of August 2015. At that time, it was a grassy meadow. The surrounding area was just demolished. We walked inside and the grass was high. In four years, a modern airport has risen. I feel that all the workers involved in this project feel a great sense of accomplishment.
The Beijing News: What are the challenges brought about by the construction environment of Daxing Airport?
Li Jianhua: We are the first general contractor to enter the new airport area to construct the foundation pit project of the core project of the new airport. There are several difficulties and challenges in the foundation pit project. The geological conditions in this area are not very good. It is a river alluvial plain. However, the requirements are particularly high, because the high-speed rail has to pass through the terminal building, and the requirements for the foundation are particularly high. After the formal load is added, the pile foundation settlement cannot exceed 5 mm.
Beijing News: How did you solve it?
Li Jianhua: Because the construction period is particularly tight, more than 10,000 piles will be completed by February 2, 2016. In the foundation pit of 100,000 square meters, it is necessary to install such a dense pile, and all the equipments are large-scale equipment. How to ensure that nothing is lost is a big challenge. We have more than 500 sets of equipment every day, fighting day and night in the 100,000 square meters pit, and the lights are bright at night. In the end, we completed the pile foundation project 19 days ahead of schedule, without any safety problems, and the quality reached the world level.
Two tracks were specially built, and the construction materials were transported from the periphery to the middle by a self-made small train.
The Beijing News: The famous architect Zaha Hadid participated in the design of Daxing Airport. The Daxing Airport Terminal can be seen everywhere. The Zaha Curve, the difficulty of these beautiful curves, how do you solve it? ?
Li Jianhua: Our urban construction group has undertaken the construction of the core area of ​​the terminal building. The main structure of the entire terminal building is the most important, complex and single largest building undertaken by the entire urban construction group. The entire group attached great importance to the strict planning of how to do the structure well, and the group headquarters conducted several demonstrations on the overall plan.
The Beijing News: What are the unexpected challenges brought by the huge area of ​​the terminal?
Li Jianhua: Because the building area is too large, there are 180,000 square meters from the parking building to the terminal building, which is equivalent to the size of 25 football fields. How can we transport building materials from the far side to the center and let all projects work properly? This problem is a difficulty that has not been encountered before.
Beijing News: How did you solve it?
Li Jianhua: We have specially built two tracks, using small trains to transport building materials from the outside to the middle. The solution for super-horizontal construction has no precedent and normative support. It has designed and developed a small train and solved this problem through experiments. It is the first in China.
Beijing News: After the material transportation problem is solved, how fast is the main building of the terminal building?
Li Jianhua: We built a complete main project in ten months, which is equivalent to completing 25 18-story buildings every month. At the peak, the construction of an 18-story building is completed every day. We completed the installation of the roof in less than three months, and the various mechanical structural indicators were fully up to standard. In this year's steel structure evaluation, won the China Steel Structure Award.
For the first time in the world, high-speed rail and subway access to the terminal, the world's largest vibration isolation pad was applied to this project.
Beijing News: After the opening of Daxing Airport, passengers can take the high-speed rail and subway to the airport to transfer, high-speed rail and subway will enter the terminal building. What challenges will this bring to the construction?
Li Jianhua: The high-speed rail and the subway enter the terminal building. This is the first time in the world that the high-speed rail has generated vibration problems. This was not encountered in the previous construction. To solve this problem is not simply vibration isolation plus rubber mat. problem.
Beijing News: What method did you use to solve it?
Li Jianhua: We applied the most vibration isolation pads in the world on this project. In order to solve the impact on the electromechanical system during the train operation, we have conducted a long time of research and demonstration, carried out a prototype experiment, and finally solved the installation of the electromechanical system.
After the earthquake isolation is solved, in order to make passengers transfer comfortably, we also use a large number of seismic isolation measures in building decoration.
Beijing News: How do you guarantee innovation?
Li Jianhua: We have set up technology centers, measurement studios, etc. from the very beginning to provide solutions to solve these problems. The entire team adds up to more than 120 people. In addition to the innovative lifting method, the project department also uses the measuring robot to pre-calculate the position of the lifting. During the construction process, the technician collects the data through the 3D sweeper and compares the initial measured values. Finally, the overall error of the steel structure roof is controlled at the millimeter level, and the maximum deformation error is no more than 7 mm. The welding of a large number of steel structures also enables the welding robot to ensure real-time monitoring of all key welded parts, combined with manual welding and repair, to achieve high quality of the overall steel structure.
Beijing News: How many patents are there in Daxing Airport Terminal?
Li Jianhua: There are more than forty patents. The localization rate of the equipment used is over 90%, and the technology is definitely made in China.
Energy saving
It is 70% lighter than the Capital Airport T3 terminal building, and there is basically no need to turn on the lights during the day.
The Beijing News: From the previous visit, the intelligence of the terminal building is very high. Can you give a general introduction?
Li Jianhua: From electrical appliances, water systems to air conditioning systems are very smart, to ensure that so many people are comfortable inside. The entire electromechanical system has 108 large systems, and the electromechanical pipelines are installed unconventionally. When installing, we use 3D drawings to give workers a bottom.
The Beijing News: Walking in the terminal building, I feel the light is very good. How did this happen?
Li Jianhua: Daxing Airport Terminal Building is the world's first large-scale intelligent lighting system. The lighting system of the terminal building has been systematically designed. There is basically no need to turn on the lights during the day and use natural light to illuminate. Moreover, the switch mode of the luminaire is more intelligent, and each lamp has a chip to adjust the illuminance. A row of lights can operate with each light and incorporate a large number of smart devices such as human body sensors, vibration control, temperature control and more. This will not only ensure the overall effect, but also save energy.
We compiled data and found that there are more than 20,000 lamps in the T3 terminal of the Capital Airport, only 3,000 baht in the Daxing Airport terminal, and only 6,000 illuminators in the airport, which reduces the number of lamps by 70%, which can greatly save energy.
Beijing News: How is the natural lighting of the terminal building realized?
Li Jianhua: There are 8 C-shaped columns in the terminal building. The shape is like a blossoming trumpet flower, which realizes natural lighting through the opening shape. The original design of the C-pillar was not eight, but six. After the design was completed, the owner found that some of the two sets of C-pillars in the North District could not fully guarantee the lighting of the whole area, so the design was re-adjusted and two sets of C-pillars were added.
The Beijing News: In other respects, what other special intelligence is there?
Li Jianhua: The complexity of the HVAC system is second to none in the world. Because the building structure is large and the space is large, if the design is not good, the bottom layer will be particularly cold and the top layer will be particularly hot. The cold air system of Daxing Airport is very energy efficient and uses a super low temperature high speed air supply system.
In the densely populated area, there is also a very comfortable feeling. There are also a lot of baggage system interfaces, which are very complicated. Daxing Airport has been completed and accepted by domestic authorities in terms of function realization.
"For four years, a modern airport has risen. I feel that all the workers involved in this project feel a great sense of accomplishment." - Li Jianhua