5G commercial countdown Super 2.1 million user reservation

     2019-09-26    views
5G is coming?
On September 20th, China Mobile's 5G special zone “Meeting 5G” was officially launched. After five days, the number of appointments has exceeded 2.12 million.
Xu Ximing, deputy general manager of China Mobile's marketing department, publicly stated that the 5G package will be officially launched in October. This has led to speculation that operators will start commercial 5G in October. The Beijing News reporter asked the three major operators to verify this and did not get a clear answer. Many insiders said that the time for the three major operators to open 5G commercials should be the same.
From all indications, the pace of official commercialization of operators 5G is accelerating. However, conditions that affect users' use of 5G tariff packages, mobile phone prices, 5G applications, etc. are mature?