Ministry of Public Security: 244 telecom and Internet fraud

     2019-10-12    views
 China news service, Beijing, Oct. 11 (journalist zhang ziyang) Chinese police escorted 244 people from the Philippines to return to China at about 15 PM on Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Security said.
The Ministry of Public Security has reported that there have been a number of cases of online investment fraud this year. The main feature of such cases is that criminals induce victims to watch investment live broadcasts through various social platforms, and lure victims to continuously invest money on the live broadcast platforms by making them get a small profit. When the victim has no additional ability to invest, the criminals will screen it, and close the investment or gambling platform volume lost contact, and then the implementation of fraud. Due to the large number of people cheated, involving a huge amount of money, resulting in a bad social impact.
The Ministry of Public Security has set up a leading group for the campaign, and organized a working group of police officers from hebei, hubei and fujian provinces to carry out law enforcement cooperation and investigate and handle cases in the Philippines. On September 11, the working group, together with Philippine law enforcement authorities, carried out a centralized and unified collection operation, destroying 10 fraud dens, arresting 244 suspects, and seizing a large number of tools and evidence, including mobile phones, computers, fraud scripts and accounts. On October 11, all the suspects were taken back to China by the police in accordance with the principle of helping to crack down on crimes, protect the interests of victims and realize judicial justice.
It is understood that since this year, in view of the overseas telecom network fraud crime situation, the ministry of public security organizations related to local public security organs to Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, Spain and other countries of police law enforcement cooperation, destroyed a large number of fraud dens, has to eight times more than 780 telecommunications network fraud suspects sent home, powerful squeezed the swindlers overseas living space.
A senior official from the Ministry of Public Security said the police will continue to crack down on criminals, intensify international law enforcement cooperation, squeeze the living space of fraudsters at home and abroad, resolutely bring criminals to justice, and effectively protect people's property security and legitimate rights and interests.