Disability and rehabilitation "Nobel Prize" - international

     2019-10-12    views
 China news service, Beijing, Oct. 11 (xinhua The 2019 Nobel Prize for international contributions to rehabilitation, the "Nobel Prize" in the field of disability and rehabilitation, has been announced.
President espinosa of the 73rd session of the United Nations general assembly has been awarded the 2019 international award for innovative contribution to rehabilitation for his groundbreaking efforts to promote the integrated development of the disabled worldwide, the committee for distinguished contributions to rehabilitation announced Wednesday. The international contribution to rehabilitation award was awarded to Sri Lanka international eye bank for donating corneas to the blind and disabled in more than 40 countries over the past 50 years. The international human contribution award for rehabilitation has been awarded to the alfa school for the deaf in Ethiopia for its decades of efforts to help deaf children receive education in difficult circumstances.
Zhang haidi, chairman of rehabilitation international and chairman of the prize committee, pointed out that there are one billion disabled people in the world. The international award for outstanding contributions to rehabilitation recognizes individuals and organizations that have made important contributions or made a profound impact in the field of disability affairs, promoting the integration and development of persons with disabilities, and inspiring people to work for a more equal, inclusive and barrier-free society.
The international award for outstanding contribution to rehabilitation, the highest award in the field of disability worldwide to date, will be presented at a ceremony in Moscow on November 1.
Founded in 1922, rehabilitation international is a nearly century-old international non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities and social integration. Its member organizations cover more than 100 countries and regions. As a humanitarian advocate, rehabilitation international has made important contributions to protecting the rights and interests of people with disabilities and promoting social equality and inclusion. In 1969, the universal barrier-free logo designed by rehabilitation international is still in use today, which has promoted the process of integrated development of the disabled.