The "One Belt And One Road" universal barrier-free developme

     2019-10-26    views
 China news service, Beijing, Oct. 11 (xinhua) Beijing, Sept. 11 (xinhua) -- Beijing disabled persons' federation of China (CDPF) and tsinghua university jointly sponsored the "One Belt And One Road" barrier-free BBS program. Youth representatives from countries and regions along the "One Belt And One Road" jointly issued the "One Belt And One Road" universal barrier-free development initiative (hereinafter referred to as the initiative) on BBS.
According to the initiative, One Belt And One Road is sustainable, civilized and inclusive, and the development of One Belt And One Road should benefit everyone. In One Belt And One Road countries, regions and even countries around the world, everyone can share the fruits of development, have free, independent, equal, safe, healthy and convenient access to human settlements and basic services, and access, processing and utilization of information.
The initiative calls for barrier-free development in relevant countries and regions to follow the silk road spirit, adhere to the core concept of extensive consultation, joint contribution and Shared benefits, and actively create opportunities to promote exchanges. We hope that the government will listen to the views of people who are mobile and perceive inconvenience in the process of building barrier-free access; Call on people in different industries to practice universal barrier-free concept in their respective fields from different professional perspectives; Promote the "One Belt And One Road" related countries and regions to work together to constantly improve the public awareness of barrier-free; We encourage young people to take responsibility, fully display their feelings and leadership on the "One Belt And One Road" international cooperation platform, and strive to spread and promote universal accessibility among young people and even the whole society.
On the BBS of that day, representatives of the United Nations world tourism organization, UNESCO, un-habitat, rehabilitation international and other international organizations respectively Shared in-depth views on barrier-free tourism, world cultural heritage protection and information barrier-free digital inclusion, urbanization and barrier-free, etc. Domestic and foreign scholars introduced the research results on recreation environment and free space, transportation, airport and barrier-free development of high-speed railway.
Beijing, Sept. 10 (xinhua) -- as one of the theme activities of the "One Belt And One Road", barrier-free BBS was held for the first time in 2019.